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Christmas on the beach

Written by kevin

I started my day with a swim before breakfast and a trip up to the supermarket to buy some phone credit. On my return I discovered chaos among our group, Jenny and Karin had decided they would climb the mountain after all. I kept out of the way while they discussed what would need to be reorganised and decided to head for the market to buy boots.

The first group left for the beach only slightly late as a result, with me guiding them to Mile 11 beach. I phoned home, gloated a little bit about basking on the beach while everyone in Scotland was freezing and got a call from my granny in Norfolk. The beach was much busier than when we had scouted but was still lovely, warm water crashing over the chocolate-coloured sand. We had lunch, chatted, read and swam. Everyone enjoyed the Christmas cake that had made it all the way from granny to Limbe.
Beach and sea with people swimming Pete, Amy, Jonathan, Kay and Indar sitting at a concrete table

We wanted to be back before dark, so we left the hotel and waited for a taxi with the crowd on the Limbe road. The hotel security guard wasn’t keen to have a large group of white people hanging around on the road, so he phoned for two taxis and we got to skip the queue (again).

Dinner was back at the Miramare, I had their very nice pepper steak and then retired to my room to pack for our departure up the mountain.

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