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Abuja Carnival … a bit of a disappointment

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The Abuja Carnival finally happened last week, but I don’t have any pictures. This is mostly because the whole thing was so badly publicised that we never found out when the various events were happening.

For example, I think there were carnival parades Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but nobody could tell me when the parade was due to start or when it would finish at Eagle Square. On Saturday there was a regatta on Jabi Lake, but I only found out about it afterwards. It seems the best way to find out what was going on was to sit indoors and watch NTA.

It looks like a lot of effort went in to organising the carnival but this was ruined by the lack of a published programme. In fact, posters advertising the carnival only went up about a week before it started. Maybe it’ll be better run next year…



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I’ve had a few emails from people complaining that I’m too negative about Nigeria. Here’s the most recent one, with my reply below:

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by (Peter) on Thursday, November 24, 2005 at 02:35:04.

Name: Peter


Page title: Parents’ visit

Comments: Hi,

I have been going through your blog for a while now,and i guess you are not in any way enjoying your stay in Nigeria.Your comments and observations actually show this.You seems to complain too much about the situation at hand,and i guess you dont like virtually everything you see in the country from the people,culture down to the foods.You forget this is a developing country and i think you didnt do your research very well before coming over on what to expect.
Please try and post some good things about the country you discover to give a more balance look to your blog..i wish you will open up and have a relax mind while you enjoy your stay in Nigeria.



Aso Rock

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On Sunday Alex took Marebec, Dave and I for a walk up Aso Rock. This is the inselberg that dominates the Abuja skyline (when it’s not too dusty to see it). The plan was to walk up in the afternoon, watch the sunset from the top and then return to Alex’s for dinner.
Abuja from above, at sunset


Parents’ visit

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Mum and Dad came to visit me for a week, it’s taken me a little while to sort out my pictures and write this. (The picture is of Mum and Dad at the Farin Ruwa waterfall)

Parents standing in front of a rocky waterfall


Parents visiting

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My parents are arriving tonight and will be here for a week so I probably won’t be updating this for a while or checking my email very often.


Kano Durbar

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To celebrate the end of fasting many towns in Nigeria hold a Durbar. In the past this was the Emir’s review of his troops, with cavalry regiments contributed by each district. Alex originally organised for a few of us to travel up to Kano for the Durbar there but in the end he couldn’t make it because of work commitments. Instead his sister Viviane joined Dave, Marebec, Kate and myself for the long and dusty journey north on Wednesday.

Once we had checked into the hotel we had a late lunch at a Lebanese bakery near the Central hotel then headed to Kano’s famous Kurmi market. The market was very quiet because of the public holiday, many of the stalls were closed, but we still had a quick walk around. We also went for a quick stroll along the street outside.
Pink-painted shop outside the market Looking up one of the alleys, corrugated metal shops to either side People outside closed stalls Street scene, pedestrians, cars and motorbikes everywhere

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