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Vadstena in winter

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My parents came for a visit last weekend with Iain and Adele. The weather wasn’t great, with snow-chaos on Saturday and extremely low temperatures on Sunday. Apparently Saturday had the greatest snowfall since the 1960s.

Despite the cold Sunday was a nice sunny day, so we went on an outing to Vadstena:
Looking across a frozen moat to the entrance of a castle.  Above the entrance archway the sun shines through windows.

Lake Vättern was both frozen and covered in snow and it was pretty cold wandering around.
A white surface stretches out into the distance.  On the left a promontory reaches out into the lake. A path through snow leads up the middle of the picture.  On the left is a castle seen through trees.  On the right is a frozen and snow-covered lake. In the background part of a castle is lit by winter sun.  In front of it a childrens' playground sits among trees and snow.  In the foreground a statue of a woman looks down at the snow, her face lit by the reflected light.

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