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Linköping in the summer sunshine

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Last time I wrote anything here it was winter, now it’s summer in Linköping and people are out and about enjoying the sunshine. I went for a wander round today this afternoon with my new toy: a Nikon D90.

I started off walking up Vasavagen to Raoul Wallenberg’s square.

A greenish bronze statue of two standing figures on top of a pink granite column.

On the way up to the cathedral there’s another statue sitting outside the Länsmuseum and lots of flowers covering this walkway.

The head of a statue of a woman, apparently looking up towards the cathedral's tower (seen in the background). A path goes under an arch of bright yellow flowers.

Up at Trädgårdsforeningen they were celebrating 150 years since the society was formed, with music and dancers on the stage. Other people were just sitting in the sunshine or playing volleyball.

People lying in the sunshine on the grass in front of a stage.  On the stage several girls are dancing. Young people playing volleyball on a sand court in bright sunshine. A bee in among purple flowers.

This weekend is also Linköping’s harbour festival, although there’s little left of the once-busy harbour. On both sides of the river there were stages, beer tents and various activities going on. They’ve even made a beach outside the Scandic hotel.

Three men in small inflatable boats floating on the river in front of a bridge. Between a hotel building and the river various tents and a stage have been built around a sand-covered area. A jetski shoots across the picture from right to left, in the background are the far bank of the river and the railway station.

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