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Written by kevin

I’ve had a few emails from people complaining that I’m too negative about Nigeria. Here’s the most recent one, with my reply below:

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Name: Peter


Page title: Parents’ visit

Comments: Hi,

I have been going through your blog for a while now,and i guess you are not in any way enjoying your stay in Nigeria.Your comments and observations actually show this.You seems to complain too much about the situation at hand,and i guess you dont like virtually everything you see in the country from the people,culture down to the foods.You forget this is a developing country and i think you didnt do your research very well before coming over on what to expect.
Please try and post some good things about the country you discover to give a more balance look to your blog..i wish you will open up and have a relax mind while you enjoy your stay in Nigeria.

Hi Peter,

what makes you think I’m not enjoying my stay in Nigeria?

I think if you had actually read or been following my site then you would know that. I’ve had a few emails like yours, from people who obviously hadn’t read what I’ve written but just assume I’m being negative because I mention one or two bad things about Nigeria.

What I write reflects my experience of the country, both good and bad things. The people of Nigeria are very friendly and welcoming, I like the food (especially pounded yam) and the weather is certainly an improvement on the UK. However the country’s infrastructure is appalling and local politicians still seem disinclined to do anything except continue to line their own pockets.

As this is my own website I can say what I want, it doesn’t have to be “balanced”. I’m not trying to write an American newspaper article here, just writing about my experiences, mainly for my friends and family at home. If you don’t like what I write then get off your backside and write something “balanced” yourself. I think you may be confusing balance with propaganda.

I’m copying your message and this reply to my site so that other people can read your opinion.


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