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Relaxing again

Written by kevin

After breakfast Charles organised the Grand Shopping Expedition. We had to buy all the supplies we’d need for our four days on Mount Cameroon. I was inclining more towards light weight food but the others preferred nice meals. We put in an order with the local 24-hour bakery for pizzas, quiches and bread then moved on to the nearby supermarket. Charles stood in the middle of the supermarket with the list, despatching us to find items. After that we went back to the market and Charlie’s shop for fresh fruit and vegetables and a few things we couldn’t get elsewhere.

I joined Pete and Mary for lunch at “L’Estaminet de Limbe”, next door to the bakery. It’s a nice little bar and the place where I ate snake for the first time, boa in a delicious sauce after a fish soup starter that would have done as a main course. After a quick return to the supermarket I had my personal supply of snacks for the mountain trip, Cameroonian chocolate and biscuits.

I spent most of the afternoon sitting and reading in the bar or by the pool. Jenny, Jonathan, Kay, Karin, Chantal and Irma arrived in the late afternoon after their speedboat journey from Calabar. They checked in to the hotel and joined us in the bar. Karin was still unsure about whether to join us for Mount Cameroon and hadn’t brought any equipment with her.

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