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Mount Cameroon – Day 3

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Another bad night’s sleep, with the freezing draughts blowing across me. The view down onto the clouds from Station F was lovely though.
View down grassy slope to small hut Crowd of people outside a ramshackle hut Inside of a metal hut, showing the many holes in the windward wall

Fortunately day 3 is a short day, spending the morning walking from Station F down to Mann Spring. We passed the craters from the 1999 eruption, with a surprisingly varied landscape of cinder cones as well as grassland and patches of forest. Another surprise was how quickly plants are recolonising the eruption area, starting with lichens and mosses then the strange-looking “Mountain Flower”
Cinder cone with group walking towards it People walking across a landscape of ash and cinders Scruffy-looking plant on the edge of a crater, more growing in background

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