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Farewell tour

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I’m travelling for the next two weeks, my farewell tour of northern Nigeria. Once it gets closer to my leaving date, at the end of September, I probably won’t have much time for travelling.

So updates and checking email will be infrequent for the coming fortnight.

Updating northern Nigeria

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I’ve got some work doing research for Bradt, updating information for the next edition of their Nigeria guidebook.

To get started I spent most of Saturday wandering around Kaduna, checking prices and phone numbers. One thing I realised is that having some kind of transport would probably be a good idea, for the other cities I think I’ll hire a car and driver, trudging around in the heat gets a bit too much.

As I was scribbling down prices off restaurant menus a couple of people asked me if I was planning to open a new restaurant in Kaduna. I assured them I was just gathering prices for some visitors.

Due to the strike, getting prices at Kawo motor park was a little difficult. All the usual union staff were there, but out of uniform. The destination signs were missing from the tops of the cars, making it difficult to find which ones were going where. One man insisted that the price to Abuja is 1000 Naira and always has been, despite the fact that only a couple of weeks ago it was 700! After that I gave up, to return once the strike is over and sense has returned.

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