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Scathing? Me?

Filed under: VSO — kevin @ 10:16

I got this comment from Adamma:

Kevin, is this my imagination or are all your comments about Nigeria rather scathing? Am yet to read one line that’s postitive from you, the closest you’ve come to that is patronising.

Oh and who says everything about the British wasn’t about the empire and power?i’ll have you know that the Government here is modeled to a large extent after the British, and that includes the eight-car convoy of of the Governors-thanks to Lord Lugard’s similar convoy in the pre-independence days.

How much do you know about Lagos, Nigeria’s military regime and the demolition of the structure in Utako market?perhaps you’ll find time to compare these factors before you pass the bulk to we wives and girlfriends abi???

How about i send you a photo of the master plan of London or perhaps that of Dublin? You know, like a before and after, just so we can compare notes and see how much difference there is these days.

(I’ve reformatted it because my comment form tends to turn everything into one huge paragraph)

I like getting comments from people, it’s useful feedback. Adamma has obviously even read several posts here, unlike some people who accuse me of things based on skimming a few sentences and picking out the bits that annoy them.

One thing I’m often accused of is being negative (in this case scathing). Looking at my recent posts I’d say that they are tending to be a little bit negative, but that just reflects what’s been happening to me and around me recently. It’s difficult to be positive about the general strike, abuse of power (in the form of excessive ‘perks’) and getting electric shocks from my cooker. It’s also related to the fact that I’m most motivated to write about the things that annoy me, that’s just me.

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