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Mount Cameroon – Day 4

Written by kevin

An early start for the final day, a breakfast of Indomie, tea and hot chocolate and then off through more grassland, over low ridges, looking down on the clouds.
Line of porters walking across grassland Looking down across grassland to the forest and clouds Old lava flows covered in grass

Then we were back among the trees, walking through different types of forest, surrounded by ferns, strangling figs and huge trees.
Path leading through forest Looking up at a canopy of tree ferns A natural arch of trees

It was pretty slippery underfoot and people were getting tired. Indar had decided that the too-small shoes were damaging his feet too much so he hiked down in a pair of flip-flops. In the early afternoon we reached Bokwango village, the end of our walk. After some group photos most of the group returned to Limbe in taxis, Pete, Chantal, Charles and I went to the MountCEO office where we were hugged by the ladies there and filled in an evaluation form.
Large group in front of a roadside shack and church Two women in an office

This picture shows roughly the route we took on Mount Cameroon, my GPS was off most of the time so we actually took much less direct routes between points. In total we walked over 31km, climbing 3065 m and descending 3195 m.
3D satellite map showing our route

Once I was back at the hotel I had a hot shower to wash off the accumulated grime, sealed up my clothes in a plastic bag to deal with back in Abuja and headed to the restaurant for dinner, beers and brandy.

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