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Holidays – change of plan

Written by kevin

I’m not in Cameroon.

Nigerian immigration changed their procedure for NGOs applying for re-entry visas for their staff, without any notice. So something that used to take two days is now taking weeks, all applications have to be processed by the National Planning Commission before being passed to immigration.

The VSO programme office staff have been spending a lot of time going back and forth trying to speed things up, but without any success. On Friday we were told that the visas definitely wouldn’t be ready before Tuesday, so we had to cancel the trip to Cameroon.

This is a bit of a disappointment and I’m really quite annoyed with the local bureacracy.

On the bright side it meant that we could go to Bob’s party at the Irish embassy on Saturday. We’ve also decided to go to the Osun Festival in Oshogbo later this week.

My mobile phone is currently unwell (this is related to the party at the Irish embassy), so until I either fix it or replace it you wont be able to call me and I can’t read text messages.

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