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Abacha barracks

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Last night I went to the Mummy market at Abacha barracks (officially Mogadishu barracks these days) with Medel and Marebec, it’s one of the best places in Abuja for grilled fish. They have an open area with the half oil drum fish and chicken grills surrounded by open-air bars.

Grilled fish stalls in the rain at Abacha barracks
While we were eating it started to rain, getting heavier and heavier with bright flashes of lightning all around. The people running the fish stalls set up brightly coloured umbrellas to cover their grills, which were lit up beautifully by the bare bulbs they use for light. It was a shame I only had my phone with me, with a proper camera it would have made a fantastic picture.

To make things even better a three-piece band were playing in our bar, the whole thing was one of those moments that remind me why it’s so good to be in Nigeria.

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