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Written by kevin

As a result of a listings mixup I ended up going to see Dreamcatcher today. The quick verdict is: scary but a bit of a mess.

It certainly is a very scary film. It’s got quite a few of the blatant things jumping out and biting people scenes but it also manages to build up tension slowly and sustain it until you’re ready to drop dead from fright.

The CGI monsters are OK but nothing special and the plot seemed fairly disjointed. It’s apparently based on a Steven King story, but it gave the impression of being several different films hastily joined together.

There were the Stand By Me bits, Morgan Freeman must have found all the flying around in helicopters strangely reminiscent of Outbreak and the backstory about secret alien invasion attempts was straight out of The X Files.

So I’d say it’s worth going to see if you want a bit of a scare but don’t expect too much in the way of plot or characterisation.

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