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They just don’t get it

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Don’t Link to Us! lists web sites with bizarre restrictions on their usage that attempt to prevent other sites linking to them.

Many of them seem to think that by just looking at the site you’re accepting their terms and conditions. That would be interesting if applied to other things, pay-per-view advertising billboards being one of the more extreme ideas I’ve thought of.

Beth Orton at the Albert Hall

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On Monday night I met up with Dugly to go and see Beth Orton again, this time at the Royal Albert Hall.

The concert was good, although the atmosphere was probably better in Cambridge the acoustics are much better at the Albert Hall. It’s also a very impressive building, especially when you’re seated in the very top row of seats. As Dugly commented, it was like watching the concert from a helicopter.

Beth didn’t come up with any jokes this time but still seemed very nervous on stage.

The Guardian has a review on its site. Like them I thought the encores were the best bit of the concert.

Test posting by WAP. This

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Test posting by WAP. This is a quick test of posting via wapblogger.

Notes: The title is generated automatically by taking the first five words, it would be better if it had stopped at the period. Here’s the link for wapblogger.

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