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Last train to Cambridge

Filed under: travel — kevin @ 01:30

12:25 (nr Alexandra Palace) It would be difficult to overstate just how horrible this train is. The grotty rolling stock, the old man snorting and gargling in his sleep, the slightly odd-looking twitchy guy who decided to sit next to me — with his collection of tatty carrier bags — in a mostly empty carriage.

The oddest part were a couple who got on just before we left Kings Cross. A tall, well dressed man and your typical drunken wee Scotsman, as found throughout London. The tall man seemed determined to wind up the Scot, insulting him and accusing him of making threats, all the time calling him sir and speaking oddly polite and uninflected English. This strange argument continued until the wee man got off at Finsbury Park.

Now everything has gone quiet, apart from the snorer. I’ve reached the point where I wish he’d either just roll over or choke on his own phlegm.

1:08 (nr Ashwell & Morden) Great. Somebody’s throwing up on the floor.

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