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Andy’s Wedding

Written by kevin

I spent Monday and Tuesday across in Ireland for my friend Andy’s wedding. Several of us flew across on Monday morning, hired a car and drove up to Virginia in County Cavan.

Here are Andy and Thérèse outside the church after the service:
Andy and Therese standing outside the church with a crowd of people aroud them

The service was good and the reception at Cabra Castle was great fun. I was even seen on the dance floor, although the dancing involved much more enthusiasm than skill.

Read the rest of this entry for some more pictures.

The wedding car was slightly unusual, a VW camper:
Andy and Therese leaving in a white VW camper with a 'just married' flag Therese and Andy leaving in a white VW camper, off up the road to Kingscourt

It took us a while to make our way to the castle, some slightly dodgy Irish signposting caused us to go astray and we felt compelled to try out at least one of the pubs in Kingscourt.
The main entrance of Cabra Castle, complete with battlements One of the turrets of Cabra Castle

This last photo is of some of us outside the hotel:
A group of my friends outside Cabra Castle
From left: Me (in kilt), Matt, Pat, John, Cat, Steve, Helen and Cuz.

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