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DVD player

Written by kevin

On my way back out of town yesterday I wandered into Richer Sounds and bought myself a DVD player.

As it’s hooked up to my little 14″ portable TV I wasn’t all that worried about picture or sound quality, so I just picked the cheapest one there, the Acoustic Solutions DVD 321 at GBP70. As far as I can tell the only difference between it and the more expensive DVD 421 is that it doesn’t have a front panel display, which is pretty redundant anyway.

One thing I really like about it is that it’s so small, a lot of DVD players seem to have been designed to use up spare video recorder casings. There’s no need for them to be that big.

Picture quality seems fine, it’s easy to use and it all seems to work well. I spent most of yesterday watching the box set of Twin Peaks series one I got from my parents for Christmas. The menu system on the DVD is almost as bewildering as Twin Peaks itself!

Update 30/12/02:I’ve found a bit of information on the web about these DVD players and it seems that as well as being able to change region and disable Macrovision you can enable VCD playback (The ‘5001’/’5000′ setting in the secret settings). Nice.

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