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Lord of the Rings

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Went to see it last night, ended up going to the 11pm showing because all the others were fully booked. This meant it didn’t end until after 2am.

It was worth it though, great battles, fantastic photography and good acting combined to make it a very enjoyable experience. The computer graphics were so good that it was close to impossible to spot them (unlike, for example, Titanic).

I’m struggling to think of bad points. Friends have mentioned that they disliked the way Gimli was made into a comic character, but I think that works well in the context of the film.


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As I was wandering back out of the town centre yesterday, having finished my Christmas shopping, I took this photo of Parker’s Piece:
Picture of Parker's Piece, looking from Pizza Hut across to Parkside Pools

On a slightly techy note I’ve now worked out how to keep the EXIF header when I reformat the pictures for the web, so if you have the right software, you can see what settings my camera used to take the picture.

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