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Space Shuttle videos

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Since watching the first Shuttle launch at school I’ve always been fascinated by it, so I just had to watch these videos.

Reminds me of the fun I had wandering around Kennedy Space Center.
Picture of the rocket garden at Kennedy Space Center

Night flying

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My flight back from Edinburgh last night was delayed a bit, you soon run out of things to do in the departure lounge unless you want to drink yourself unconscious at Wetherspoon’s.

As I was walking out to the plane I noticed an amazing fan of light in the sky to the north, which I worked out must have been the lights from The Bridge.

Approaching Stansted I spent a while trying to clean the blurry bottom half of my window before I realised that the blurriness was due to the jet exhaust outside. Even though I now find flying very tedious there’s still something special about approaching your destination, especially at night.

The delay to my flight meant that I arrived at Stansted just as the Cambridge bus was leaving, so I had to hang around for an hour. Pretty much everything was closed, including all the checkin desks. The only signs of life in most of the terminal building were the car hire desks and the poor souls trying to sleep on the deliberately uncomfortable seats.

Bluetooth Memory Stick

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Sony are now selling their Bluetooth Memory Stick in the UK.

I really want one of these as it means I can use my Clié for email and web access without having to balance my phone on a convenient surface (or my knee) and make sure I keep the infra-red transceivers lined up.

On the other hand GBP140 does seem a bit steep.

Airports and internet access

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While I was spending the compulsory hours hanging around airports this weekend (Edinburgh and Stansted, could have been worse) I noticed an odd thing.

Around checkin there were a couple of BT’s shiny internet payphones but once through security there are only standard payphones, no internet access.

A quick peer through the windows of the BA lounge at Edinburgh revealed that their two terminals were out of order. Is this some kind of additional security measure or just a bizarre coincidence?

It’s encouraging me in my efforts to work out a way of posting to this site from my phone and PDA.

Weekend in Scotland

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We had a family gathering at the weekend, to celebrate Grandpa’s 80th birthday. I flew up on Saturday morning (the 0410 bus from Cambridge [shudder]) and returned last night.

I took a few photos:
Picture of my Grandparents in an Indian restaurant celebrating Grandpa's birthday
Grandpa is in the foreground on the right, with Granny to his left and my cousin Kirsten standing behind them.

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