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Parents’ visit

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Mum and Dad came to visit me for a week, it’s taken me a little while to sort out my pictures and write this. (The picture is of Mum and Dad at the Farin Ruwa waterfall)

Parents standing in front of a rocky waterfall


Almost ready to go…

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I’ve spent a while this evening packing up some of my stuff, ready to set off for Nigeria tomorrow. Today has been quite relaxing, a trip to Perth with Mum, Dad, Clare and my little niece Eve (picture below). We had a fantastic lunch at Kerracher’s, a fish restaurant above a fishmongers, the scallops were especially lovely.

Eve sitting outside in her pushchairEve in her pushchair, not happy that I’m distracting her from watching traffic

I was also very impressed by IBM’s technical support today. I phoned them yesterday to report that my laptop’s hard disk was sounding unwell and a replacement arrived around lunchtime!


The bike is back

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I finally got round to collecting my bike from my grandparents’ garage and rode it back to Cambridge. Shame the weather wasn’t so good. Also, the battery doesn’t seem to be charging, more investigation required.

Now I can ride to work on nice sunny days, it makes a day stuck in the office seem slightly less depressing.


Wroxham again

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I spent the Easter long weekend through at my Grandparents’ house in Wroxham (see also here and here).

On Sunday Granny and I wandered down to the Broad, where the local yacht club seemed to have some races going on, lots of brightly coloured sails in the sunshine.
Picture of yachts with brightly coloured sails on Wroxham Broad

There was another reason for going through there, my motorbike has been sat in Grandpa’s garage since December. I’ve given it a bit of a clean and changed the oil so it’ll be ready for me picking it up in a few weeks time. Yippee!


Back in Norfolk

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I spent the weekend with my Grandparents in Norfolk again but this time my little sister Eleanor was able to make it through.

This morning we went for a walk down to Wroxham Broad, in order to walk off one of Granny’s wonderful breakfasts.

Picture of Wroxham Broad A picture of my little sister in front of a body of water

If you’re not from the UK you probably have no idea what the Norfolk Broads are, the Broads Authority site will educate you. (Executive summary: they’re shallow lakes formed when peat cuttings flooded)


Christmas photo

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Here’s a picture from my nice quiet Christmas through in Norfolk:
Picture of my Great Aunt Daphne, Granny and Grandpa sitting in my Grandparents' living room on Boxing Day


More family visiting

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This weekend my sister Clare and her husband Iain came to visit. We went on a walk around Cambridge, visiting a few pubs along the way. The first was the Cambridge Blue, then the Fort St George, the Green Dragon and finally the Boat House.

Clare and Iain outside the Fort St George

In the evening we had a very nice meal at the Loch Fyne Restaurant on Trumpington Street.

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