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Hiking above Dutse

Written by kevin

After a series of cryptic text messages (the first was “After 12 then”) Alex came round to take us on another hiking trip in the hills around Abuja. This time it was to be near Dutse and Dave, Marebec, Kate, Eva and Erin were going along.

The Harmattan dust has been quite bad the past few days, as you can see in these pictures looking down on the town of Dutse Alhaji. We’ve also had a few cold nights because of it, which means my shower water is getting pretty chilly in the mornings.
Metal-roofed house shining in the sun just visible through dust, trees in foreground Looking down on a small town with dirt roads

While we were sitting up on top of the rocks Alex noticed some baboons in the trees below us, we sat and watched for a while, there were five of them sitting in the trees watching us. This is one of the occasions when I wish I had an SLR, the zoom on my little digital camera isn’t good enough for these kind of pictures.
Baboons sitting in trees on the edge of a hill Baboons sitting in trees on the edge of a hill

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