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New tyres

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The front tyres on my car were getting a bit worn so I decided it was time to replace them. I phoned around a few places and ended up going to EMG Ford.

Of course I had forgotten the first rule of cars, any time you go near a garage you end up handing over at least twice as much as you originally though you would. It turned out that one of the rear shock absorbers was buggered, so in addition to £100 for the tyres I had to cough up £130 for the shocks.

They also tried to tell me that my front fog lights wasn’t working but I wouldn’t let them do anything with those and when I checked later they worked fine. I suspect the guys at the garage didn’t realise that you have to turn the headlights on first…


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I’ve finally got round to upgrading to Movable Type 2.63. Now I just have to update the site templates to make use of the new features.

Let me know if you find anything that’s been broken by the upgrade.

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