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U.S. Diplomat’s Letter of Resignation

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[via kottke] a U.S. Diplomat’s Letter of Resignation.


Picking holes in films

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I know once you start picking at films you can keep going and the whole thing unravels, but I like this list of things that only happen with Computers in Movies.

Scary stuff

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Al sent this link to me this morning: Ben Tripp: Vote for Glitch. The article would be funny if it wasn’t so frightening.

There is a tiny little ray of hope in there, at least the Australians are trying to do things right with their electronic voting system.

The problem is that the British government is much more likely to follow the example of the Americans.


Free at last

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Yippee! At my appointment at the Fracture Clinic today I was told I don’t have to wear the sling any more. I can type with two hands again. I can eat food that needs to be cut up. I can drive.

I’m much happier about this than seems reasonable, I think I had got so used to one-handedness that I had forgotten how much I hated it.

I still can’t lift my left arm higher than my shoulder. Physio begins on Monday…

Twisty little roads

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My housemate Al and I went for a spin in his Triumph Spitfire yesterday, from Cambridge along the smallest roads we could find to Long Melford.

View out of the front windscreen of a Triumph Spitfire, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Suffolk

After a pleasant pub lunch in Long Melford (mmm, mixed grill!) we drove back via Saffron Walden.


Now more dynamic!

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I got round to changing the main index page template, so now you can see the music I’ve been listening to recently in the column on the right.

It’s working more or less properly but XMMS seems to have trouble with some of my MP3s. For example for Gorillaz album (also called Gorillaz) the track title is shown but not the artist, even though the ID3 info is correct.

Things still to do:

Divine Intervention

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Saw the trailer for this last week and thought it looked interesting. The trailer was very bitty and disconnected and it was difficult to work out what was going on, but you expect that from a trailer.

The film was pretty much the same, random and disconnected with only a very thin thread of plot.

Some of the individual scenes were absorbing, ridiculous or funny but overall the film was disappointing. It seemed like the director was trying too hard to make a point.


Recommended Reading

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Mark Pilgrim (of dive into mark) has an interesting app that looks at your weblog and recommands other things you might want to read: Recommended Reading.


PHP, ick!

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I’ve been playing about with a display of what I’m listening to on my PC, like everyone else has. I picked up some PHP code for doing this.

The server end works fine but the PHP script that runs on my PC was inserting lots of NUL characters in the list of songs, not good. As my knowledge of PHP is minimal I had a quick go at working out the problem before giving up in horror when I discovered there’s no built-in debugger in PHP.

I rewrote the script in Perl, I’m not going to publish it because it’s a quick hack and pretty ugly.

Until I get round to rewriting my main index template the only place you can see what I’m listening to is here.

Update: My server seems to be suffering from problems, almost lost this post…

The cruelty of children

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An interesting article on the sociology of schools: Why Nerds are Unpopular.

It’s a little bitter in parts, but worth reading.

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