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South America
North America
Reunion and Mauritius
The Marion Dufresne and Crozet
Life at Port aux Français
Port Jeanne d'Arc
Back on the Marion
Kerguelen Album
How to get to Kerguelen
Turkey 2003
Mount Cameroon 2005
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The site is a work in progress, the 'Album' page in each section contains some photos but only some sections have much text.

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The Kerguelen slides, as shown to my former colleagues at the British Antarctic Survey. If you click on a picture a new browser window will open with a larger version.

Picture ker3-7:Le Port, Ile de la Reunion
Picture ker3-33:The Marion Dufresne (Port Louise, Mauritius)
Picture ker3-14:In Port Louis, Mauritius
Picture ker3-16:Hindu Shrine, Black River Valley, Mauritius
Picture ker3-21:Monkeys, Mauritius
Picture ker1-33:Helicopter lifting from the deck of Marion Dufresne
Picture ker1-3:Small boat towing cargo raft to harbour at Crozet
Picture ker6-17:King penguin colony, Crozet
Picture ker6-26:Albatross hovering before landing
Picture ker6-31:Albatross on the ground
Picture ker6-28:Base Alfred Faure, Crozet
Picture ker7-26:Looking back to Port aux Francais, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-15:French flag and the restaurant, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-23:Central Parc, old buildings and Notre Dame du Vent, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-24:'Warning, elephant seals crossing'
Picture ker2-16:Elephant seals
Picture ker2-26:Statue outside Notre Dame du Vent, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-33:Ker-avel, the summer accommodation, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-5:Radar hut and antennas, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-34:Work on the radar antennas, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-36:Radar antenna ready for work, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-11:The PopChatMobile
Picture ker2-12:Inside the PopChatMobile
Picture ker7-3:Field station, Val Studer, Kerguelen
Picture ker7-6:Field station, Val Studer, Kerguelen
Picture ker7-15:View down to the Golfe du Morbihan, Val Studer, Kerguelen
Picture ker7-7:Lac Superieur, Val Studer, Kerguelen
Picture ker7-13:Two of the 'Cabbage Women', Francoise and Valerie
Picture ker7-9:A Kerguelen Cabbage
Picture ker7-16:Marcel (the Val Studer skua) tries to steal a bag of rocks
Picture ker7-20:Portrait of Marcel
Picture ker7-22:The redecorated radar hut, Kerguelen
Picture ker7-25:Mont Ross across the Golfe du Morbihan, Kerguelen
Picture ker7-33:L'Aventure
Picture ker4-4:Approaching Port Jeanne d'Arc, Kerguelen
Picture ker4-7:Port Jeanne d'Arc, Kerguelen
Picture ker4-8:Rusty drums and railway wreckage, Port Jeanne d'Arc, Kerguelen
Picture ker4-13:Lunch at Port Jeanne d'Arc, Kerguelen
Picture ker4-34:Lathe, Port Jeanne d'Arc, Kerguelen
Picture ker4-33:Old propeller and Gentoo penguins, Port Jeanne d'Arc, Kerguelen
Picture ker5-5:Bathroom, Port Jeanne d'Arc, Kerguelen
Picture ker5-11:Durban from the harbour
Picture ker2-2:Inside the radar hut, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-3:The main radar electronics rack, Kerguelen
Picture ker2-4:One of the sixteen transmitters, Kerguelen

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