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Turkey 2003
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The site is a work in progress, the 'Album' page in each section contains some photos but only some sections have much text.

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June 2003

Dugly came up with a plan a while ago to walk the Lycian Way, Turkey's first waymarked long-distance walk. We decided it couldn't be done in one year due to annual leave restrictions but thought we'd do the first section this year.

For various reasons we couldn't do the walk earlier in the year and ended up agreeing on June. After ignoring lots of warnings about how hot Turkey is in June we set off to Antalya on the 7th.

We managed five days walking before deciding that going any further would be stupid, it was just way too hot.

So the purpose of the holiday changed a bit and we ended up just travelling around the area between Fethiye and Antalya, relaxing and drinking beer.

The photos are in the Turkey 2003 album.

Technical note

I've used the correct Turkish spellings of place names (except the ones I've got wrong), this means that I've used the extra Turkish letters: Ğ ğ İ ı Ş ş. Your browser or fonts may not be able to cope with this. If so, you'll either get Icelandic letters (þ, etc.) or something weirder.

Turkey links

  • The Lycian Way - the official site and source of helpful information.
  • Lycian Way - practical information and photos from an Australian couple who did the walk.
  • Hotel Alp Paşa - where we stayed in Antalya, a lovely hotel in the old town (not cheap though).
  • George House, Faralya - a pension with great views of Butterfly Valley and excellent home-cooked food.
  • Otel Mara, Fethiye - we got a good rate here because it was almost empty, air con wasn't up to much though.
  • V-GO tourism travel agency, Fethiye - we did our four day cruise from Fethiye to Olimpos with V-GO, the crew on the boat were fantastic.
  • Turkmen Pension, Olimpos - cheap and popular but the food wasn't great and some of the treehouses are in very noisy locations (above the table tennis table, for example).
  • Saklıkent Gorge Treehouses - a really friendly place to stay, comfortable treehouses and the world's coldest swimming pool! Excellent food.
  • Ani Motel, Kaş - clean, friendly and cheap. Omelettes at breakfast.

Other places to stay

I can't find websites for these:

  • Turan Camp, Kabak - nice treehouses and friendly people, a bit expensive but the food was great.

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