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March-May 2000

So what do you do after two years in Antarctica? Lots of people decided to head straight home from the Falklands, or sail back to the UK on the Shackleton but I had decided on a trip up through South America.

Persuading other people to join me was a lot harder. Cuz was originally going to be starting in Chile at the same time as me but had to pull out. Gary had decided to come but got roped into a second winter and Bunsen was almost convinced but managed to resist.

Fortunately I managed to win Dugly over to the marvellous idea of spending a few months winding our way up from Chile towards the USA. This original plan ended up getting cut down a bit due to a lack of time and we didn't even make it to Ecuador but Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru were all fantastic.

I kept a diary the whole time and this section is based on it. Quite a bit of editing was necessary to make it comprehensible to other people and I've allowed myself the luxury of cutting out things which would embarass me.

The story begins with a night staying at The Globe pub in Stanley, Falkland Islands...

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