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Lee and Hannah’s wedding

Written by kevin

This has taken me a while to upload, because I’ve been travelling around Tasmania for the week since the wedding and haven’t been able to get on the internet.

The wedding was great, fantastic weather down on the beach and really relaxed. Hannah and Lee looked like they were really enjoying themselves and I think all the guests did too.

Anyway, here are the pictures (if you hover the mouse pointer over a picture you should get a short caption):
A curving beach of golden sand. Hannah, in her bridal gown, looks over her shoulder toward her bridesmaids. Hannah and Lee standing on the beach in front of the wedding celebrant. Hannah and Lee hold hands. Hannah and Lee kiss in front of the wedding celebrant. Hannah sits on a bench in a wooden shelter to sign the wedding register, Lee is standing behind her. Lee wraps one arm around Hannah while he cuts the wedding cake (a pyramid of profiteroles) with the other.

You can browse all the wedding pictures I took.

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