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Things back home

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I’m still enjoying all the things I missed while I was in Nigeria. I’ve also been occasionally looking after my nephew and niece:
Joseph in the foreground looking very serious, Eve behind him.

Wandering around Stirling I’ve noticed a few things. The first is how few people there are on the streets. Outside the main shopping areas you meet few pedestrians, everyone seems to be in cars. Stirling town centre is also full of CCTV cameras.
CCTV camera bolted to the side of a tenement building. A steeply sloping street, wet after recent rain.(that’s Queen Street)

The second thing was how many signs there are. That’s official signs, rather than Nigeria’s profusion of advertising banners and political posters. Signs to warn you of penalties for not cleaning up after your dog, signs to identify lampposts, road traffic instruction signs and directional signs. Road signs in Nigeria are particularly bad, there are standard signs defined but various authorities each use different ones instead.
'Clean up after your dog' sign and lamppost ID tag. A no entry and a give way sign. A directional sign at the Craigs roundabout.

I spent the weekend visiting my Grandparents down in Norfolk, Eleanor was there as well. We took our usual walk down to Wroxham Broad:
A swan. Granny and Eleanor sitting on a wooden bench on a lawn. A small yacht, ducks in the foreground.

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