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Theory test

Written by kevin

A near miss this morning prompted me to come up with this little question (in a driving theory test style):

You are driving a white van, approaching a crossroads that has traffic lights. The lights have white cross markers covering them, indicating that they are out of order. Due to curves in the road visibility of the junction is poor. What do you do?

A Sound your horn and continue anyway.

B Continue driving at about 10 miles per hour above the speed limit then screech to a halt after going through the junction to glare at the driver waiting on one of the other approaches.

C Slow down so that you will be able to see other vechicles at the crossroads and have time to stop if necessary.

D Stop at the lights and wait for somebody to fix them.

The answer is B, of course.

If you weren’t driving a white van and hadn’t won your driving license in a raffle then the correct answer would be C.

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