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Alex’s Antarctic Adventure

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Alex, a friend of mine from my Antarctic days, has set up her own website with much more information than my efforts.

Have a look at her site.

Sorting things out

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I’m back from Turkey and into the stage of sorting everything out. The washing machine is full, my pack is empty and the digital camera is busy uploading pictures.

Once I’ve got all the pictures sorted out I’ll put them up here. Which reminds me, I need to come up with some kind of gallery script for this site. All the other ones I’ve seen seem way too complicated or way too simple.

Looks like a job for Perl and MySQL.


Change of plan in Turkey

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Due to the incredible heat in Turkey just now we’ve abandoned our walking plans, so I may be able to post the occasional update.

On Tuesday we’re off on a four day yacht cruıse round the coast from Fethiye.

Turkish keyboards are a bit tricky, they’ve moved all the punctuation and swapped i with ı (that’s dotted and undotted I for those of you with the wrong fonts).


Summer holidays

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There probably won’t be any new posts here for the next three weeks, I’m off on holiday.

I’ll be away until the 29th, walking around part of the coast of Turkey on the Lycian Way. Checking my email will probably be difficult, so don’t expect a quick reply if you mail me.

The digital camera is going with me, along with a load of batteries and a solar-powered charger. Expect some pictures when I get back.

Bye for now…


Digital Radio

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I thought digital radio was doing badly here in the UK, sets are expensive and people are being very slow to change over. In the USA things seem to be even worse, according to this article in the NewScientist their system has been judged too poor for broadcast use.

After a quick look on Google I turned up some tests carried out by Canada’s CBC, they don’t seem too keen on IBOC quality either.

One thing that really puzzled me while driving around the States was the lack of RDS, which meant constantly having to manually retune and not getting station names displayed. Is American radio just generally neglected and technologically backward or did I just pick up a bad impression of it?

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