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There are quite a few things I’ve been meaning to post about recently but I can’t be bothered. By the time I get round to it I no longer care enough to write anything.

I wonder if this site would be improved if I could just post things as they passed through my mind? For a start you would have had the benefit of a rant about lack of preparation for bad weather last Friday and some musings about National Geographic.

Must become more enthusiastic…


Oh no, not again…

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… was my first thought as I watched the news last night. The footage of Columbia breaking up took me right back to the day I watched Challenger explode.

I suppose the only consolation for the families of the seven astronauts is that they died doing something really amazing.


Carter Cycle Bridge II

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Noticed something for the first time while I was walking back from the station last night.

Just as I got to the summit of the cycle bridge I thought I’d been struck by a sudden dizzy spell, until the guy from work I was walking with commented on how the bridge was swaying.

It seems most noticeable at that point and only happens when lots of people are walking across at the same time.

A very weird feeling.



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Now that I have to go to work by train I’ve noticed something. There seem to be a lot of people in Cambridge who misunderstand the basic concept of the bicycle.

You see them walking along with the thing, apparently quite unaware that it’s not a dog, you don’t take it for walks.

There seem to be especially large numbers of these people on the Carter cycle bridge, taking up the entire pedestrian half of the bridge.

Did I mention that frustration with one-handedness has been making me feel angry a lot?


Brokenness update

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OK, I’m getting really fed up of doing things one-handed. Last time I broke anything I was two years old, now it’s a mjor irritation. The diet of ready-meals isn’t much fun either.

At work the past couple of days I’ve found myself getting quite irritable and frustrated. Writing laboriously with my right hand and producing a result that looks like the work of a four year old is really winding me up.

On the whole the pain isn’t a problem (although I’d certainly rather be without it), it’s the slowness, awkwardness and reduction of my independence I hate most.

Maybe I’m just having a bad day…


The fracture clinic

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Had a appointment at 2pm today. Addenbrookes has come up with a cunning plan where you get called on time… to go and sit in a different waiting room.

When the consultant turned up he asked me the same questions that the doctor in A&E had on Saturday night, tried to give away as little information as possible and told me to make an appointment for next week.

I’m sure I was supposed to fall on my knees and thank him for seeing me, but somehow I just didn’t feel like it.


Happy New Year

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Almost forgot. Happy New Year to anyone reading this.


Ho ho ho

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I’m off to stay with my Grandparents in Norfolk over Christmas so I’ll be offline for a few days.

Enjoy the holiday (assuming it is a holiday for you).

Here’s a typical (for the UK at least) seasonal link.



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As I was wandering back out of the town centre yesterday, having finished my Christmas shopping, I took this photo of Parker’s Piece:
Picture of Parker's Piece, looking from Pizza Hut across to Parkside Pools

On a slightly techy note I’ve now worked out how to keep the EXIF header when I reformat the pictures for the web, so if you have the right software, you can see what settings my camera used to take the picture.



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Walking back from the pub can be a very pleasant experience. If I had got a taxi tonight I wouldn’t have noticed the faint halo around the full moon, or the (probably unintentional) pattern of coloured curtains at the executive townhouses beside the Carter cycle bridge.

Reminds me of nights walking back from the pub back in Stirling when I would sometimes just stop and look at the stars. Beer seems to do that to me.

Wish I’d had my camera with me, although the pictures would probably look rubbish in the morning.

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