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My apartment

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It’s only taken me more than seven weeks but, at long last, here are some pictures of my apartment in Linköping.

View down a wood-floored hallway, with doors on either side, through a door at the far end. A wood-floored room with a double bed and a large round paper lampshade dangling from the ceiling. A wooden-floored room with a large sofa opposite a TV.  A large window looks out onto other apartments. A kitchen, metal worksurfaces and white cabinets.  Pots and coffee-making equipment are scattered around. A dining table stands in front of a large window.  Bed linen is draped over the chairs. A wood-floored room with an open doorway.  Beside the doorway is a white desk with a laptop sitting on it (among other clutter). A white-tiled bathroom.  A plastic shower curtain screens the bath, to the right is a sink with a mirrored cabinet over it.

In the last few weeks I’ve been looking for my next apartment. The people I’m subletting from are coming back from Denmark in August, so I have to have somewhere else to live by then. Finding an apartment isn’t all that easy, and with many of the property companies involves queues and points, all very northern European.

P.S. If you’re extra observant you might have noticed that the picture filenames have ‘Linkoping’, with an ‘o’ instead of the ‘ö’ (they’re different letters in Swedish). This is one of the many horrible lingering effects of most computer technology having its heritage in systems invented by people who thought that just the letters A-Z, numbers and a bit of punctation should be enough for anyone. There are several different ways of representing the letter ö — to make matters worse when I’m typing it here I have to use ö.

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