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Written by kevin

The past few days I’ve been staying with Tammie at her house in Kelowna, British Columbia. It’s a nice town by the side of a huge lake and is apparently popular with people wanting to escape the rain in Vancouver.

I spent most of Friday wandering around town, starting with an early-morning walk along the lakeshore.
On the left a path stretches off, dotted with benches.  On the right a view across a lake to mountains on the far side. In the foreground stand two trees with orange leaves, between them is a view across a lake to a marina, high apartment blocks and a hill.

The town is mostly quite low-rise, with quite a few nice old houses dotted around the streets. I visited the Okanagan Heritage Museum and the BC Orchard Industry Museum and went on a tour of the local brewery.

Yesterday Tammie and I went on a tour of a few of the local wineries: St. Hubertus, Cedar Creek and Summerhill Pyramid (that’s where the pictures were taken). On the tour of Summerhill I had to bite my tongue as they explained how their pyramid-shaped cellar and its magic powers improve their wine.
Tammie standing in front of a large globe, half-sunk into the ground. Behind her is a lake and mountains.

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