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Leaving Kaduna

Written by kevin

I spent most of last night going through my house, deciding which things to take home, which to throw out and which to dash to people. Today is my last day in the office, so I’m tidying things up and emptying my desk. NTI have organised a send-forth dinner for me at the Arewa Chinese Restaurant tonight, so I’m going to have to pack my bags this afternoon.

We with a group of NTI staff outside the offices.

So, next time I post here I’ll either be back in Scotland or on my way there. It’s goodbye to Nigeria (for now at least) and the end of my time as a VSO.

My next plan is a (short) round-the-world trip, the current itinerary is:

Dates Where
15 Nov–30 Nov British Columbia, Canada
30 Nov–29 Dec New Zealand
29 Dec–26 Jan Australia
26 Jan–early Mar Philippines

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