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Work at Radio Nigeria

Written by kevin

I spent part of this afternoon wandering around taking pictures of people working at Radio Nigeria. My first stop was the newsroom, while they were busy putting together the 1600 news.
Assembling the 1600 news bulletin Radio Nigeria newsroom

Next was the Kapital FM transmitter hall. The 20kW transmitter for Kapital FM is actually in Radio House, with the antenna on top of the building. In the pictures you can see the engineer on duty and the transmitter racks.
Engineer on duty in the Kapital FM transmitter hall The Kapital FM transmitter

At four o’clock I went along to the network news studio, where Austin and Asabe were reading the news. In the right-hand picture you can see the booth where the studio managers play out pre-recorded items and control the audio. The big reel-to-reel tape recorders are seldom used now, most audio is played out from the computer at the right using a package called AudioVault.
Austin and Asabe read the 1600 news Network news studio booth

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