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Communications difficult

Written by kevin

Just a quick message to let you all know that I’m still alive. Unfortunately events have conspired to make it difficult to stay in touch.

The British Council (with free internet access) suffered a power surge that blew up their server and, almost two weeks later, they still haven’t fixed it. Something has also gone wrong with the server that provides internet access at work, and it’s taking them weeks to fix it.

This means that for internet access I have to go out and find an internet cafe or use the hotel’s business centre (at an extortionate NGN30 per minute!).

To make matters worse sending text messages has become very unreliable over the past week or so, it seems to take about 24 hours for messages sent to the UK to be processed.

I’m hoping internet access at either the British Council or work will be working again soon…

House update: the repairs to the house are apparently now finished, it has new lights, fixed plumbing and a fresh coat of paint. We’re now just waiting for some appliances (fridge, I think) and final approval from admin.

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