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Turkey 2003
Turkey 2003 album
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Hotel Alp Paşa The courtyard of the Alp Paşa hotel, where we stayed in Antalya.
Antalya harbour The old harbour in Antalya.
Matt and Dugly at the start Matt and Dugly at the start of the Lycian Way.
View down over Ölu Deniz View from the walk down over Ölu Deniz.
A tortoise One of the many tortoises we encountered along the way, you can also see a selection of the many local spiky plants.
Treehouse at George House Pension We originally planned to stay in this treehouse at George House pension in Faralya, a heavy thunderstorm meant we ended up staying indoors instead.
Terraces above Faralya Crops are often grown on terraces high above the villages.
Terraces and sea above Faralya The views from the terraces out over the bays and headlands were amazing.
Kabak beach This is the view as we climbed out of Kabak, at about 7am.
Cliffs above Kabak The climb out of Kabak is pretty steep but the view is great.
Kabak from higher up In this picture you can see the beautiful colour of the sea at Kabak beach.
An Ottoman Cistern We passed a few of these Ottoman cisterns, still in use by the locals.
Fields near Boğaziçi This picture shows just how rocky the fields in this area are, not very comfortable for sleeping!
Lycian tombs at Sidyma These are two of the many Lycian tombs at the ancient city of Sidyma, the locals from the modern village of Dodurga were very friendly and kept offering us cups of tea.
Matt and Dugly at the Sidyma necropolis Matt and Dugly wandering around the necropolis of Sidyma, we camped out about 100m from here.
Matt and Pydnai After Sidyma the next ancient ruins were the fort at Pydnai, this had some very impressive stonework, it reminded me of South America.
The amphitheatre at Letöon Our walk on the Lycian way finished at the ruins of the temples at Letöon, the middle section of this amphitheatre was carved out of the hillside and the whole thing is remarkably intact.
Frog at Letöon According to legend the goddess Leto turned some shepherds who had upset her into frogs and her temple was erected on the site.
Kayaköy Kayaköy was a Greek village abandoned during the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey.
Church at Kayaköy The church is one of the better preserved buildings at Kayaköy.
Inside the church at Kayaköy You can still see some of the painted decoration on the roof of the church.
Rock tomb above Fethiye There are several rock tombs carved into the cliffs above Fethiye, you can walk right up to this one.
Other rock tombs above Fethiye The other rock tombs vary in size and style.
Lighthouse in Fethiye bay I went on a day trip around Fethiye bay, a very relaxing day and some beautiful scenery.
Bay near Fethiye This is just one of the bays where we moored for a while.
Cleopatras baths Cleopatra is said to have bathed in these now partly submerged Roman baths.
Sevi 5 We spent four days cruising round the coast on board the Sevi 5, I can't think of a more relaxing way of life.
Castle at Simena On day three of the cruise we stopped at Simena and walked up to the castle.
Matt and Dugly posing Matt and Dugly posing beneath the flag at Simena.
Tombs at Simena Simena also featured another cluster of tombs.
Battlements at Simena I liked the shape of the battlements at Simena.
More tombs at Simena I hadn't quite got fed up of tombs by this point.
The cruise mob These are the passengers and crew of the Sevi 5, the only one missing is the captain.
Sevi 5 again Another picture of the Sevi 5.
Mosaic building at Olimpos The cruise ended with a long minibus transfer to Olimpos, this is a ruin with remnants of a mosaic floor.
Mosaic floor Here you can see some of the bits of mosaic.
Ruin at Olimpos Another old building at Olimpos, I couldn't work out what it was.
River at Olimpos A view up the river at Olimpos.
Amphitheatre at Patara Another amphitheatre, this time at Patara.
Stage building at Patara This is the stage building at the Patara amphitheatre.
View over Patara A view out over part of the ruined city of Patara.
Modestus gate at Patara The combined city gate and aqueduct of Mattius Modestus.
Dog at Patara While we were doing some walking around Patara this dog decided to come along, despite the unbearable heat.
View from Delikkemer The plain between Pydnai and Kalkan is mostly covered in greenhouses and used for growing tomatoes and peppers.
The siphon at Delikkemer The Romans built this amazing siphon system at Delikkemer to carry water up and over a hill.
Along the siphon at Delikkemer Only this section is visible now but it's mostly still standing and the stonework is incredible.
Stonework at Delikkemer This is the supporting stonework for the siphon.
Crosssection of siphon Here you can see a cross-section through one of the stones that formed the siphon.
Me at Delikkemer That's me standing in one of the arches through the siphon.
The entrance to Saklıkent gorge This is the entrance to Saklıkent gorge, an amazing natural feature and popular day-trip destination for tourists.
Our treehouse at Saklıkent We spent two nights staying in this (rather comfortable) treehouse at Saklıkent.
Saklıkent gorge from above On the evening of our first day there we walked up to above Saklıkent gorge.
Sunset at Saklıkent Sunset picture from above Saklıkent.
More sunset at Saklıkent In this picture you can see the river in its broad silty bed.
Tomb in the street in Kaş This tomb was on the same street as our pension in Kaş.
View from Kaş amphitheatre This is the view from the amphitheatre in Kaş.
View of Kaş from the air Matt and I went paragliding while we were in Kaş, I took this picture shortly after takeoff.
Plateau above Kaş This is one of the plateaus in the mountains above Kaş, traditionally used for farming in the summer.
Me paragliding That's me paragliding, strapped to somebody who knew what they were doing.
Matt paragliding Matt and his pilot, we took off to the right of and below the antenna mast.
Kaş harbour from the air We landed at the harbour, those are my knees in the way.
Matt paragliding again Matt and his pilot shortly before we descended to land.
Matt landing 1 Matt coming in to land.
Matt landing 2 Matt still coming in to land.
Matt landing 3 I was expecting a running landing but in fact you just glide gently down to a stop.
One last tomb One last tomb.

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