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South America
Southern Chile
Chilean Lake District and Argentina
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South American Album
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Las Torres (column of cloud flowing up one tower, very nice) kh6-27:My first destination in Chile was Torres del Paine national park. An early morning walk up to the Torres (towers) themselves was rewarded as the cloud cleared.
Grey Glacier kh9-35:Lake Grey, also in Torres del Paine has the Grey Glacier feeding into one end. The views as you walk along the side of the lake are fantastic.
Llamas in the desert kh28-5:Much further north, at the desert end of Chile you often find llamas grazing close to the roads.
The mine, Chuquicamata kh10-7:Much of Chile's income comes from copper mining. This is the huge Chuquicamata copper mine, the tiny dots are dumper trucks.
Old small truck kh10-11:And here's one of those tiny dots. In fact this is an old truck, the ones in use in the mine are much bigger.
Dawn at El Tatio kh5-22:Also in the high desert are the geysers of El Tatio. After a (very) early start we stood around in the freezing cold and watched the rising sun illuminate the clouds of vapour, then we went for a swim in the nearby pool.
Mountain reflected in Laguna Verde kh28-31:We travelled from Chile to Bolivia on a tour through the desert and across the Andes. High in the mountains are many lakes coloured by various minerals. This is Laguna Verde, so called because it turns green when the wind blows across it. I though the picture with the reflection looked nicer though.
Flamingoes on Laguna Colorado kh29-17:Some of the lakes are coloured red because of creatures living in them, which in turn attract flamingoes, this in Laguna Colorado.
The Salar de Uyuni kh29-30:One of the highlights of the tour was the last day, when we drove across the Salar de Uyuni. This former sea is a huge plain of pure white salt, blinding in the sunlight.
The group in front of our LandCruiser kh29-33:Here are the people I spent the three days of the tour with. From left to right: Oliver, Giles and Claire , Honario (our driver), Steve and Dugly.

I took pictures in Bolivia too. But then I brought the film home and posted it. The Royal Mail then lost it. I was a bit upset.

View from Taquila island across Lake Titicaca kh13-2:This is the view across Lake Titicaca from Taquila Island, on the Peruvian side of the lake. We took a boat trip across to the island from Puno.
On the Inca trail kh13-13:If you're in Peru the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu is pretty much compulsory. It takes three days to wind your way up through valleys and over mountain passes but there's plenty to look at to take your mind off the lack of oxygen and steep steps.
Walking down the terraces kh13-21:On the night before we got to Macchu Picchu we camped at the foot of an Inca terrace, after walking down into the clouds.
(Most of) the group at the Sun Gate, missing are Dugly, Ian, Emily, Yvonne kh13-23:(Most of) the group at the Sun Gate above Macchu Picchu. From left to right: Jörg, Caroline, Kjell, Philomena, Mark, Ash and Clare. In front is our guide, Virgilio.
Macchu Picchu kh14-19:We couldn't see much when we got there but the cloud eventually cleared and revealed Macchu Picchu.
Inward-sloping, earthquake-proof walls kh14-12:The Incas built walls which sloped inwards, to make their buildings resistant to earthquakes. The Spanish didn't. A lot of the churches the Spanish used Inca stones to build fell down, the Inca foundations are still standing.
Nasca Lines (spider) kh14-29:The famous Nasca lines. The shape in the centre is supposed to be a spider. Or it could be a runway for alien spacecraft...

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