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It was a sad moment when we left Port aux Français, leaving the winterers behind on the deck of L'Aventure. Of course I know how it feels to be one of the ones left behind, which made it sadder still.

The trip north was uneventful, as most sea travel is. The seas were a little rougher, resulting in lots of people sprouting little adhesive dots behind their ears. The stop at Crozet was very quick, I didn't get ashore. We didn't have the winterers with us, so the bar was much quieter.

I spent whole days barely moving from my bunk. My main activity was beginning work on this website and reading. The ship's library had some surprisingly good books in English, as well as the complete works of Alastair MacLean, which I'm sure are fitted around the same time as the engines on all ships.

Eventually it got warmer and more pleasant out on deck, as we approached South Africa. The Marion was heading for its annual refit in Durban so it was essential that we get there on time.

DurbanMany of the people on board were planning to stay in South Africa for a few days at least, I would have loved to but a shortage of both time and money prevented this. Instead I had a hurried visit to the beach in Durban, then we flew out to Johannesburg and then Paris.

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