Pictures in media : Philippines : Bukidnon




TanyaMavicAndMarebec_w.jpg: Tanya, Mavic and Marebec at Mavic's house. [Saturday 2nd February 2008 06:23:52 UTC]

BlueWaterCave_w.jpg: The 'blue water' cave. [Sunday 3rd February 2008 02:54:38 UTC]

MarebecAndMavicInCave_w.jpg: Marebec and Mavic taking pictures. [Sunday 3rd February 2008 03:00:13 UTC]

RiverAndLocals_w.jpg: The river outside the caves, with the blue water coming out from inside. [Sunday 3rd February 2008 03:25:42 UTC]

LookingDownToWater_w.jpg: Looking down into the caves. [Sunday 3rd February 2008 03:34:50 UTC]